DDoS Attack Solution- Protection and Mitigation

Skyfilter mitigation engine with machine learning and behavior analysis, does not require any pre-configuration to start the protection; when attacked, Skyfilter Anti-DDoS automatically detects the malicious traffic and starts mitigation up to Sky's the limit.

Active Mode

Active mode enables all defensive measures to be active all the time. Deployed symmetrical or asymmetrical schemes. Active mode is useful and faster in analyzing packets and offers faster mitigation process.
active mode

Inactive Mode

Inactive mode enables Skyfilter analytical systems or can be activated manually when an attack is detected in the flow. Traffic diverted to the Skyfilter devices for mitigation process using BGP protocols.

Out-Of-Band Mode

Out-of-band mode enables monitoring and detection to take place in deployed network by using listeners in the network to spot irregular activities.

Hybrid Control

Differentiates legitimate traffic from malicious traffic by analyzing all points of network and mitigate and defend againsst possible DDoS attacks, hacking activities and malware intrusions.


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